a few syllables, a whisper

I float on clouds you’re there too and since our mouths are full of light we have no need to say I loved you better when or why can’t you be more we rest on beams of light that don’t crack sometimes we look down and we see cars and planes and people shopping for something to feed the empty place inside and we remember that great dance the way our limbs would flail and stretch and quiver the many things we lost and the grief that fell through us like a flaming stone and I turn to you and say we have work to do and we laugh because there is no work left just the task of holding them in our hearts and maybe inviting them up from time to time massaging their feet blowing a blessing in their ear and then down they go back into their race to swallow the sun we consider cheering them on but decide it’s best to listen quietly to the sound their breath carries in the wind sometimes we whisper a few syllables into the dark every once in awhile they turn their head but mostly they have no idea the state of love they’re in

~ Originally appeared in Augur Magazine, Issue 4.2