Image by Gus Garcia

Would you like to just sit here, under a cloudy sky?… I promise to turn towards you from time to time. Offer you another apricot. Notice the whistle in your eyes. Tell you stories about what I see or hear or sense or think. There’s no need to worry too much about what’s real and what’s fantasy. I’ve found it’s tricky to draw a line. Reality tends to crack open a fair bit these days. For many of us. It can be good to ask from time to time: Do you hear that? But sometimes I have found it’s best to listen with an empty mind. And allow all kinds of things to find their way inside. You may want to shake them out again. Dust off the top of your head. You may even say Go Away from time to time. Really, I don’t know much about anything at all. But I have found that when I’m in the underworld, sometimes it’s best to crawl.


Lean back. The rock is soft now. And the abyss would like to listen to a love story.